Pub Cyber Security Policy

Long Man Inn is an inclusive company that takes cyber security very seriously. We have an obligation to protect customers from cyber threats whilst on our premises and on our network.

Content filtering is managed for us by a third-party service that requires a skilled security team to monitor the internet 24/7 and to identify potential online threats. We do this because being a small company, we do not have the technical resources or expertise in-house to undertake this task ourselves.

This third-party service enables us to block certain types of online content and protect our diverse mix of customers from potential harm, scams or unwanted exposure.

This includes the following:

  • Explicit Material
  • Pornography
  • Malicious domains
  • Unverified Search engines

When a website is suspected of having a security breach or containing harmful data like viruses or ransomware, it is automatically blocked by our server to prevent any harm to our users or cause offence to others. However, there are certain websites that we can whitelist – but only after conducting a thorough investigation to determine why the site was flagged in the first place.